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The future of Freemasonry in Denmark

- Growth or decline?

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You are told what Freemasonry is all about, but also what it isn’t. Read about what it is that attracts more than six million men around the world, and read about the values, attitudes and relationships with the wider community.

Danish Freemasonry differs in important ways from international Freemasonry. Despite the ban on political and religious interference, these two areas (issues, concepts) have had a major impact on the situation as it is today for many years.

About the author

This is my story about Freemasonry in Denmark. It is intended for readers who already know the subject but also for those who would like to have their curiosity satisfied. The aim is to spread knowledge and break down prejudices about Freemasonry. In order to assist readers who are not already familiar with the subject, a glossary is included.

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